Saturday, September 16, 2006

why I was up all night- and other scary stories

Okay folks, I didn't post yesterday, wonder why? Well, I spent all night browsing through blogs.

All I can say is.... wow. The internet is just full of losers whining about everything, and letting the whole world hear about their pathetic problems. I mean, have they nothing better to do?? What kind of person writes everyday about what they do in every boring detail??....... um, okay, so just ignore that last paragraph because I guess I fit into that category now. I am going with the following excuse: it just tells me I haven't remained stuck in the latter century and I just *feel* old. Besides I am having fun and isn't that what it's all about?????

Really, there are some very talented people out there blogging, intelligent and witty, artsy and passionate.
Lady Heather you were the best I came across last night, curtsy to M'lady.

Then there are the ones who just scared me to death.... *cue Psycho music here* Boy, talk about having to turn on all the lights in the house so you don't freak out, I was calling the neighbors and telling them to turn their lights on. I even turned on the light in the momma paca pen.... then I seriously thought about sleeping outside with Osita, she would protect me.... or step on me in the middle of the night in either case it would take my mind off the strange things I had seen. --- shudder----

I guess anything goes under the guise of 'freedom of expression' but I seriously wonder about the future of our species at times.

Take for example the headline speeding across the top of my monitor news ticker. It reads:
Murder Suspect: Goat Turned Into Corpse
LAGOS, Nigeria - A Nigerian murder suspect accused of killing his brother with an axe told police investigators he actually attacked a goat, which was only later magically transformed into his sibling's corpse, officials said Thursday.

Hmmmm....... nuff said. Life is weird, but people are even weirder.

Weirder still is the fact that today for some strange reason known only to me as "The Mysteries of Cyberspace" (cue echo sound effects) all of the pictures I have been trying to post all week suddenly posted today with this blog. So, the little white cria with his mouth open is the little guy born on our ranch 2 days ago. In case you were wondering he is shouting, "Look out world, here I come!!" Stay away from blogging little one.....

The blackened landscape is the contrast between the fire we had near our house and the pristine untouched yellow grass and oak mountain we live on. And the clouds were a stunning phenomenon seen often up past Frazier Park when the clouds crowd in below in the valley along the foothills and 'get stuck' - - - I hope my technical terms don't throw you here - - - I just happened to have my camera one day whilst taking my son to seminary. Cool huh?

I think I'll try to post some more! ---- type, click, paste, @#%* (kidding!!)

If they come through, our road last year and our attempt to drive down the mountain with no chains to get to church..... the subsequent failure and the humiliating trudge home 2 miles uphill in the snow & ice (no,,,, really!). I of course didn't go, I stayed with the car. Hay!! Someone had to document the event!!! Trudging, I really like that word 'trudge'.... Chaucer had it right in A Knights Tale (great movie btw)

Osita with the sun behind her, my ray of sunshine.

The mist as it creeps from the San Juaquin valley up into our canyon.

And last but not least, my dog Fatty Lumpkin and our little deer visitor we cared for a total of 2 spectacular days. I will write that story one day for you, it was a wonder.

Well, off I go to check on our newest arrival- smart kid, he was born while the weather was still warm. He got 2 full days of balmy 80's and now fall has arrived with a bang and it is 50 out there right now at 9:30 am.
Next one's due November 12th.
Brrrr.... aint life grand?