Tuesday, September 12, 2006

figuring out bloggin....

Okay, so I finally have my own blog site... now to learn how to use it!! Thanks for puttin up with me everyone :)) I will master this if it's the last thing I do, and knowing me, it just might take that long!

For example, to solve the mystery of why the word "God" was in black, while the rest of the post was in white in 9/11's post. How about, how to use the spell check?? Or, how to cut and paste the link into a message so it actually works (wasn't that in computers for dummies 101???? Who knows, I sure wasn't paying attention)

Well, no cria today yet. It is heating up again in CA, we are up into the high 80's again. Funny, by Thursday it is only supposed to get to 70 during the day, and low 40's at night. Last week it was the same.
The alpacas don't know what to do, wear the sweater, or the bikini!! LOL- okay, the really pregnant ones wear one pieces in public..... you know, the ones with the skirts that make you look like even bigger than you really are?

The two most pregnant gals are grumpily consuming all the available space in the shelters under the misters. (BTW, there is room in the shelter for at least 6........ and there *is* other shade in the pen, but not *shelter shade* which all alpaca owners know is a special, magical sort of shade)
Growling and looking extremely menacing at anyone else who even *looks* like they might want to get out of the sun in "their" shelter.... the others are forced to circle the den of lions in the hope that perhaps they might get lucky and one won't look as they slip in quickly. Must I build a 'preggo shelter' and a 'non preggo shelter'? What would the ACLU have to say about that? "Alpaca segregation!!!" I'm sure the cry would be. "We can't have this sort of thing happening, what's next, segregated feeders and waterers?!?!"

Oy! Please don't tell them we already *do* have two feeders.... one for the piggies, er, I mean preggos, and one for everyone else. I just don't need that headache right now.

Posting a picture one of the fires here in CA. taken yesterday. Our cousin lives smack dab in the middle of it. This is one of his outbuildings. Fire fighters on all sides of their ranch home. All the cattle and the family are well. The fire fighters saved their home, but their idyllic oak forested pastures, the beautiful natural habitat they have preserved for over 80 years in their family has been destroyed. Fire is the great destructor, and this one they think- as well as one started the day before- was deliberately set.

Could the whackos not find something better to do? I personally think when they get caught, they should be chain ganged into the nearest fire station and into forced labor. But that's just my old fashioned opinion.

Hmmmm..... maybe it's the suits that have the preggos so cranky........