Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a dog's life

here is a picture taken from my dog's perspective. Fatty Lumpkin on the chair, his momma Tequila (didn't name her don't write me letters) and Jack "The Dog" who's actually a cat.

Don't I wish I could be like them? Laying in a sunbeam, nothin' to worry about. I would trade with them in a heartbeat right now, just for right now.

Note the look of consternation on Lumpy's face, "Should I go down there and lay with mom?" I am mom, his biological mother merely serves as a chew toy and romper playmate. He is the dog of my heart, knows when I am sad and blue, whenever I cry, even if I am at the other end of the house and he can't possibly hear me, he is there. Uncanny really.

Sad I am. Hard life is right now. Yoda I sound like...... a light saber he would smack me with if heard me he did. Okay, totally too corny, but I do tend to sound like the Jedi master when I am depressed.

Life is difficult at the present time, hubby laid off for the second time in 5 years. Getting older and it isn't so easy to bounce back. Also, what do you do? Take the job that pays you 60% less but has health insurance? Or stay on unemployment for a little while longer (which pays better) and hope something better is found? 26 years in the printing industry, and now your job is becoming obsolete. What do you do when you are 48? Start over? Difficult that would be.

My biggest fear in life is that I will wake up and all this beauty and loveliness (read, my life here in the country) will have disappeared and I will be living in the city again without my beloved animals.

--sigh-- depressed I am.... tired I am too, and I hate whiny people -myself especially- so I am off to play Final Fantasy X-2 and forget all about my troubles for a while.
Tell me my friends across the pond; does "woot!" mean the same as our "Woo-hoo!"? Curious in CA....
Love to you all,


Gattina said...

Chin up ! Tomorrow is another day ! At least I hope so, but there are days you see everything in black and then they are days where you just stumble out of the black hole and the world is bright again.

Rachelle Black said...

I know, I almost deleted this one... too depressing! LOL, but then it's where I am at this moment in time.
The sun'll come out... tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar.... you know the rest :)
Sleep well- I'm off to read myslef to sleep (yay!!)

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