Tuesday, January 22, 2008

prayers and good thoughts please

How do these things happen? One day, all is well and you are going about your daily routine, and the next it's like someone slaps you upside the head with a Dali stick and everything goes all melty...

This is eerily reminiscent of what my friend Shrink had to go through with her son.

The other day my son was at an eye exam because he snapped his glasses right down the middle. He is blind without them. He has had lots of headaches lately and actually went to his regular doctor for them a couple of months ago.
Things were not going well with the eye exam, and the doctor pulls me aside later by myself and says (I'm not kidding, this is just how she said it) "I didn't want to say anything in front of your family, but I think your son has a brain tumor."

Whereupon I asked her if she had children. After I pulled my fainted carcass off the floor that is.
That is NOT how you tell someone, not at all... but it gets better.
She told me she was writing out a referral for him to see a neurologist, and then pulled my son back in for further testing. I was thinking (while my daughter sat beside me and I tried not to lose it) how best to tell my 16 year old son the news.

When he came back out, he had his hood pulled over his eyes, and I could tell something was wrong.
She told him!! She went ahead and told him herself.

So, I had to comfort him while that precipitated me having to tell my daughter, and all of us trying to come to grips with this situation in the middle of LensCrafters, instead of the comfort and safety of our home...

Now he has seen the neurologist, and they are testing him via MRI and MRA and EEG and, and, and... all without health insurance I might add.

So, here we are. We have decided we will only freak out a little for now, until we know anything for sure. Once we know something for sure is wrong, we will throw an official freak out party with hats and everything.

Please remember Cameron in your prayers. And if you don't pray, just think happy thoughts for him.
Thank you very much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Ba-aaack!

And a suri alpaca on a Christmas tree....
Barb and her new girls!

The family and the Christmas Tree of light

Wow, that was a serious trip through the looking glass....

Turns out my phone line was messed up, and that was the reason for everything not working properly.

There was a short in the line apparently... (story of my LIFE!!!) but it's fixed now!

Okay, the good news is that we sold two animals!! YAY!!!!! Congratulations to Barb Troje of Nizhoni Alpacas for her purchase of BMAR's Rosie Cotton, and BMAR's Heathertoes!

We also sold our suri male Sandpiper (looks just like the one on the tree) to Victoria Chaidez- congratulations!

I know Barb will take good care of my sweet girls *sniff-sniff-sniffle* she is a wonderful person. Sandpiper went to a home where he will be loved, and will get lucky too! Woo-hoo!!

Thanks to Barb, we got some breathing room! I am also selling two more, just so we can put more aside for savings. I am constantly amazed at how fast money slips through your hands... bills, HA! Wonder what would happen of we just didn't pay them?

Don't answer that....

So, anyway- thanks to a blogger friend who shall remain anonymous, (waves and blows kisses) we also received a nice gift for Christmas. Thank you my dear :))

We had a wonderful Christmas, Santa visited us and left presents for everyone- even me! People are so wonderful, this Christmas certainly showed our family that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well still!

We went to an absolutely stunning lights display that our wildlife museum puts on every year, it is very impressive, and we had altogether, a simply delightful Christmas. We were able to get some things we wanted, some we needed, and also, to give something to a few who in need as well.

Things always seem to work out in the end, and although we are now almost broke again so shortly after being 'in the money', I have no doubts all will be well.

Thank you to all of you who love us and support us, we love you too!

Happy New Year!