Tuesday, January 22, 2008

prayers and good thoughts please

How do these things happen? One day, all is well and you are going about your daily routine, and the next it's like someone slaps you upside the head with a Dali stick and everything goes all melty...

This is eerily reminiscent of what my friend Shrink had to go through with her son.

The other day my son was at an eye exam because he snapped his glasses right down the middle. He is blind without them. He has had lots of headaches lately and actually went to his regular doctor for them a couple of months ago.
Things were not going well with the eye exam, and the doctor pulls me aside later by myself and says (I'm not kidding, this is just how she said it) "I didn't want to say anything in front of your family, but I think your son has a brain tumor."

Whereupon I asked her if she had children. After I pulled my fainted carcass off the floor that is.
That is NOT how you tell someone, not at all... but it gets better.
She told me she was writing out a referral for him to see a neurologist, and then pulled my son back in for further testing. I was thinking (while my daughter sat beside me and I tried not to lose it) how best to tell my 16 year old son the news.

When he came back out, he had his hood pulled over his eyes, and I could tell something was wrong.
She told him!! She went ahead and told him herself.

So, I had to comfort him while that precipitated me having to tell my daughter, and all of us trying to come to grips with this situation in the middle of LensCrafters, instead of the comfort and safety of our home...

Now he has seen the neurologist, and they are testing him via MRI and MRA and EEG and, and, and... all without health insurance I might add.

So, here we are. We have decided we will only freak out a little for now, until we know anything for sure. Once we know something for sure is wrong, we will throw an official freak out party with hats and everything.

Please remember Cameron in your prayers. And if you don't pray, just think happy thoughts for him.
Thank you very much.


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Come here (open arms). Matt's turning out fine.

Remember that. x

travistee said...

I'm glad Carol responded....she even left her 'time away' time to respond to you.
Don't give those thoughts any energy at all. Just wait and see. And address it as it comes.
One of my high school boyfriends has had tumors since...well....high school. He is now at least 45.
There are so many different possibilities here....don't limit yourself to one yet....

Rachelle said...

*runs into your arms*

I love you girl.

Thanks for coming out of the nunnery long enough to squeeze me tight!

Rachelle said...

I know, and the type they are initially looking for, pituitary adenoma, is actually quite treatable.

More the shock of it all than anything else. Of course, all the education in the world sometimes isn't enough to stop your teenager from freaking out at the words "BRAIN TUMOR" (capitol letters because I am sure that's how *he* hears it)

Thinking of you, and praying for a safe outcome.
Much love,

Sandy Kessler said...

I would surmise that a lenscrafer would not be the final say - so leep a positive vibe- keep only good thoughts and claim them- HE WILL DO THE REST

travistee said...

Let us know what happens!

Helena said...

Yes, I remember the situation with Shrinky, where the doc sent the letter addressed to her son rather than her!

I think we'd all hoped that that was a one-off, but to hear of another example of this so soon...

My heart and hugs go out to you. When you are strong enough, or rather, have some of your strength to spare, I hope you make a formal complaint about this person. This is just irresponsible!

If it is any comfort AT ALL I was once sent directly from the opticians to the hospital (Moorfields hospital in London, where they specialise in eyes) because they said they had spotted a growth on my eye and they told me I was in imminent danger of going blind and possibly worse besides. Well, after a 5 hour wait at the hospital, I was examined and told there was nothing wrong. That was back in 1989 & I've never had any further trouble or panics. Turns out it was just a scar from where I'd had an op on my eyelid at age 12.

I think opticians want to be *extra sure* and err on the side of extreme caution. Let's hope that that is all they are doing now.

I shall think positive thoughts for you, and get all the bears to send their tightest, cuddliest hugs.


Helena said...

Oooo... Travistee's comment has just reminded me-

my sister has had tumours on her brain and kidneys for about 10 years.... now age 45 and still working, living life to the full and being fine....

forgot(!) as she lives in Australia so I don't get to see her! Ooops!

silfiriel said...

First of all, positive thoughts and good vibrations for Cameron!

Second of all, some doctors you have!
I'm not sure if I understood well, but how is it that an eye doctor based on an eye exam and headache's can suggest that someone has brain tumor!?
I wouldn't freak out at all! You never know with these things, but headache's are pretty common for people with eye problems. Take it from someone who knows( i'm shortsighted, heavily). Cameron is 16, he is growing up so fast now,as a result, unfortunately his eye sight is getting worse by the day, which causes headaches.
Sinuses are also very common reason for severe headaches.
Sitting in front the computer screen, regular headaches, weather sensitivity and lots of other reason for headaches.
To me it looks like "scare the people without health insurance, take their money". (I really hope that's the case).

Pozdrav and and all the best

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Big bear hugs bein sent.

i beati said...

Updates from a prayer person please?

travistee said...

Still thinking of your son, and your family. Hope this next week brings great news!

Mary said...

Oh my! I hope everything turns out all right for you. I have to worry about that myself cause I suffer from constant headaches and I can't go to the doctor. I will pray for you.

Rachelle said...

Hi guys,
Thanks so much for the love!
I just wanted to say we don't know anything yet...
we should know by the end of the week.
I'll keep you posted, meantime we are busy building an ark for the flood. HA!

Helena said...


up late again here! Just thinking of you. THanks for the update. Still keeping everything crossed for you. Let me know when I can uncross my fingers as it's hard to type.


fifi said...

hello, just bloghopped over from travistees.

I do hope everything turns out well: how unbelievably dreadful of that doctor to tell your son a
like that!

Anonymous said...