Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Hannah!!!!!!!!

I mean- Holy. Stinking. Hannah!!!!

I leave for just a little while, and my blog turns into Spamalot!!

Flying Monkeys, ATTACK!!!....................... well it was worth a try anyway.....

You know, you spammers really are silly. I mean don't they teach you how to spell? And when in this lifetime am I ever going to know how to read Korean? Or Japanese??


To all my loyal readers, I am truly sorry you were exposed to this, and to the new folks who left kind messages without any pornographic pictures or back links, I thank you.

There is a big story coming about me and my latest adventure, which includes the phrase "Rachelle learns to walk just like a big ol' 45 year old baby" among other exciting and life changing things.

Patience Grasshopper, all good things come to those who wait, and wait.... oh! Wait a minute, it won't be that long, I promise!

Love to all of you!


ps.... might take me a while to destroy, er, I mean delete all the spam. But Imma workin on it!