Monday, March 09, 2009


This Poem is copyrighted by: Rachelle Black 2009

This is a work in progress, I haven't found a way to finish it quite yet... but I will. Those readers who have found themselves in this particular place will get it. I would love some feedback!

There is a place I often go,
A place of sorrow, steeped in woe,
Where sunlight never dares to show,
I go

Into the depths, into the pit,
Into the wherenot I admit,
Cast I myself without all wit,
I sit

Within this place I often stray,
Where darkness winds its strands away,
A place of nevermore today,
I stay

I linger here I know not why,
Until the time of by and by,
Until there are no tears to cry,
I lie

There sit I under shadows in,
That place of tragedy within,
Ponder I the circus held therein,
I grin

A rictus strained, full of deceipt,
The abyss opens, then I leap,
Become I bundled, rag doll heap,
I weep

Torn and battered, upon the path
I drag my mind a leaving half,
Bitter, twisted, full of wrath,
I laugh

And from the corner of my eye,
A sliver paler than shadow I spy,
The darkness shreds, its tatters fly,
I sigh

This where I go, I must not tarry,
Or chained and bound my thoughts will marry,
While although shackled, the key unwary,
I carry

Sunday, March 01, 2009

alpacas for sale

This is a picture of BMAR's Rosie Cotton, a cria produced by Hally Boo and BMAR's Bilbo Baggins- sold at one year old for $9,000- simply stunning...

This blog entry is serving as the sale page for Black Magic

Alpaca Ranch

Male Alpacas

Due to life difficulties, all males shown are being offered for free- to good homes only!

Mithrandir the Gray Pilgrim ARI# 30359963- silver, has criated in gray and rose gray, a big bold male, Mithrandir has some dental issues that stem from neglect as a teenager, but his crias have been completely correct. One of his crias can be seen below, BMAR's Heathertoes. Big, bold, beautiful- that's what his crias are.
$500 sale price SOLD

ARI # 510367 Luxor- fawn appaloosa with gray and rose gray spots, who has criated in rose gray, fawn and black, out of Peruvian Platinum.

Born on Valentine's Day 1999, this Romeo's looks may have faded with time, but he has proven himself again and again to us. Check out one of his crias below- BMAR's Light of Earendil.

A steal? You betcha.
$500 sale price- regular breeding fee $750- you do the math. SOLD

ARI # 821602 Pacifica's Eclipse- white, but just say that to his face- he has criated in many colors, maintaining his fineness over his 9 years. With Peruvian Aladdin and Accoyo Leon as his sire and grandsire, his potential has played out several times on our ranch and his babies are always the first to sell. Eclipse is one of the sweetest, most gentle alpacas we have ever had on our ranch. We breed for temperment, and he sure does fit that bill perfectly. And, Eclipse is conformationally correct in every way. Simply perfection.
$500 sale price - $1,000 breeding fee (see what a deal he is?) SOLD

What are we thinking?? Well, we believe in paying it forward. We have used these males to our benefit, now we would like to pay them forward at a price that is remarkable, hey, it's what we do!

BMAR's Light of Earendil ARI # 30369276

What can I say about this male? He is gorgeous. Long staple length with a fine handle, nice Vicuna like waves in his fleece, he tested at 21 microns at 4 years of age. Earendil is a completely correct redwood rose gray with an easy going personality. We are breeding him for the first time this fall (no fault of his own, we just have had lots of males!) and are looking forward to seeing what he will criate. Luxor- you done good!

$3,000 sale price- $750 introductory breeding fee

Faramir- sweet, unregistered SURI fiber male alpaca. Very laid back, County Fair favorite! Faramir is just a sweet, sweet boy. $300 SOLD

Al- rescue paca, white and gelded - fiber male, Al has a bit of an attitude, experienced owners are the best for Al.
$200 SOLD

Also we have Janus- brown and white male fiber alpaca $300

Easy to handle, and easy going.

For the same reasons as stated above, we will consider trade offers for hay or vehicles for all our girls

BMAR's Elbereth ARI# pending- a lovely yearling fawn with dark points out of a gray maker-Luxor- born 2007, with exceptional staple length and fineness, we see great potential in her, and it breaks our hearts to sell her. With an adorable face and inquisitive nature, Elbereth has a lot to give. Her dam BMAR's Arwen Undomiel can be seen below. Elbereth has great potential for criating in gray!
$3,000 SOLD
Elbereth's adorable cria face, how can you resist such cuteness and photogenic talents?

BMAR's Lady Galadriel ARI# 30369269- a white beauty- born 2004- comes with a breeding to Jazzman ARI #1091243- a fawn male out of Dominator, who is a well known stud in Canada. With Acero Marka's Amazing Grace and Acero Marka's Jasmine as dam and granddam, you can't go wrong.

Jazz also boasts PPeruvian Guellermo genes, he's Jazz's granddad! Jazz is a tall, gorgeous fawn male with nice, fine fleece and excellent density and crimp, with exceptional staple length. We are excited to see what Lady G. does next!

With incredible density and coverage. Galadriel is lovely, with great fleece that is still very fine. One of my very first true loves, out of my very favorite female, Lady G. is a ranch favorite, and we sell her with deep regret. Born to our dancing girl Osita, her personality is laid back and she is an easy breeder. Lady G is a proven dam, she had an absolutely stunning white female cria that we lost suddenly to an impacted bowel this year before she even turned one year old.
(and before we registered her, of course)
Lady G's lineage includes Pacifica's Eclipse, Peruvian Aladdin, Accoyo Leon and NWA's Anastasia.
Currently bred to Dominator son- Jazzman for a fall 2009 cria

- ARI # 847086- born on Halloween in 2001- huacaya
Caramel colored, super typey and at 7 years of age still super fine. A totally easy keeper, never a vet visit for Hally in all adult years.
Hally is a proven mother of two gorgeous female crias, one dark fawn, and from our own BMAR's Bilbo Baggins, was born BMAR's Rosie Cotton- who you can see at the top of the page!
Both crias have taken the best from Hally, with their fine fleece and typey heads. Hally boasts two perfectly unassisted deliveries and plenty of milk. She self weans her crias at just the right age, and that head, oh isn't it to die for?

Currently bred to Garemo- ARI# 1129274 for a fall 2009 cria, a gorgeous typey male out of Peruvian Guellermo, with incredible fleece, seriously this male has the whole package- staple length, crimp, density and fineness.
Great combination!

BMAR's Heathertoes ARI pending- Huacaya- dark rose gray- out of a black dam (Osita) and silver sire (Mithrandir) Born June 2006, Heathertoes is a big, beautiful girl with excellent staple length and super crimpy fleece, that is extremely fine. Heathertoes has perfect conformation and she is big enough for us to consider breeding her this fall! Heathertoes fleece won first place at our county fair last year. Heather has the most unique fleece color, being a solid dark rose gray with no white on her body, she is really stunning.
Unbred: $8,000 bred to Jazzman, a Dominator son: $9,000 SOLD

BMAR's Arwen Undomiel-ARI # 30359956 Huacaya- black headed roan proven female.
Born on 9/28/00
Ever heard someone say, "She has a great personality!" That is Arwen, she is an 'old Chilean model' with the potential for great crias all locked in.
Arwen is the sweetest, most easy going female I have ever owned. Easily handled by one person, and breeds up to excellent quality crias very easily.
Her previous cria was a beautiful true black male out of our white Eclipse, and I am still kicking myself for selling him as a cria as a fiber male.... oy....
Arwen has her crias without any assistance, and has plenty of milk for them.
Bred to Garemo for a fall 2009 cria.

Questions as to her breeding history? I'll gladly tell you the story- email me!
$3,000 SOLD

If you have any questions about these alpacas, contact Rachelle Black at Black Magic Alpaca Ranch- References available upon request.

Prospective new owners will be screened, all of my alpacas will be going to good homes only!