Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

To Me!! Okay, and my husband :))
To my soulmate, the one who has loved me through thick and thin - that would be waistlines...
For richer and for poorer...... wait a minute, for poorer and poorer.
Through good times and bad,
Happiness and sadness;

Who brought me these lovely flowers.... second time this year, I am in shock! This from a man who in 12 years has given me flowers five times..... total....
He is finally getting it!! Huzzah!! :))

Who, even when times get tough, and we have had our share of tough times over the years, still makes me laugh, cry, and feel beautiful- although I don't know how he pulls that one off still.

Whom I love to just sit and talk with, for hours..... still.

Who is man enough to admit to imperfection. Who was able to take the terribly damaged child within me and make her feel safe and unafraid. Who helped me realize, finally, that not all men were predators.

Who took me in with my two little children after a horrible and dangerous failed marriage and made me feel worthy of love again. Then became the father my children never had. While putting up with my crazy ex and his death threats..... sheesh.....

Wyatt, I love you.

Happy Anniversary!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Alpaca Introduction #1

But first, check out the smoke that moves in every afternoon from the Zaca Fire in Santa Barbara.

It is crazy!! We are rained on by ash, and are breathing this stuff every day and we are about 35 miles away from it..... Yucko. And, it is creeping closer every day. Poor folks in the middle of it!Now it is almost to Highway 33, and our mountain communities are on alert. It is only 75% contained, and is burning about 20,000 acres a day. 100% containment is not expected until the end of next month- perhaps.
God bless the firefighters who are battling this!!

And now, an alpaca who needs no introduction - Osita!

Osita- Aka: Dancing Girl - is my favorite alpaca. You might remember her from this post: http://pasturemusings.blogspot.com/2006/12/twas-night-before-christmas.html Where she was featured as the 'wise' alpaca. This is my very favorite post ever, because I got the chance to write from my Osita's perspective. I know she loves me! She is the one paca who runs to greet me every time I go out to the pens. She is the only paca to give every visitor a 'paca kiss' and she herds over her newest cria to meet me every year.

Osita is one of my best friends. She is sweet, gentle and kind. She is laid back, and yet spunky- the perfect alpaca. In fact, when we were investigating buying alpacas way back in 1999- we had already picked out who we were going to buy, and Osita wasn't on the list. After meeting her, we just had to buy her, so we scrimped and plotted until we could. And Osita is the one alpaca I will never sell, no matter what. Osita is a very easy keeper- a fatty (I can totally relate!) and is very content eating and sleeping :))

Here is Osita's first girl- Lady Galadriel - and her big (and I do mean BIG) entrance into the world! Lady G was huge- really. When I saw this head, I knew we were in for a big one- and she weighed in at a hair over 20 lb. Very big for an alpaca! Osita won't deliver unless I am outside with her. I am serious, she will wait for me. Out of seven crias, I have only missed one birth of Osita's. She lays right at my feet while in labor, and because of this I was able to help this giant get out while Osita lay calmly and let me do what was necessary to help her.

Here is Lady G at about 3 weeks old. Osita's crias have all been bouncy from day one- momma has plenty of milk, enough for three I think, and births without any trouble. Lady G is now three years old and pregnant with her first cria, due the end of September. Her girl cria already has a name- Narya! (I am thinking pink here.... LOL) She is much like her momma, but not as comfortable as Osita with humans. However, she is easily handled and likes us well enough.

Osita loves water!! She is a total water hog, and as you can see, between her and Hally (and now Hally's cria Rosie Cotton) there isn't any room at the watering hole until Osita is done- you can see the line! That is Lady G BTW in white there, can you see the family resemblance?

Whenever I am feeling down, I can go out to visit with my homegirl Osita, and I always feel better. She stands with me, blowing her cud breath in my face, and if I am sitting her favorite chair, she will sometimes stand behind me and put her chin on my head. If she could, she would climb in my lap. She also plays with me. I click and clap and run, and she leaps and clicks and runs too! I don't know what I would do without her. She loves scratches, on her chest, back and rump. I often take the grass rake out and she runs up, so excited when she sees it, knowing she is going to get a good scratch! She stands still and I run the rake over her. We also have a street sweeper brush mounted upright that everyone scratches on. Osita practically knocks it over!

We fully realize that Osita is one of a kind, and feel blessed to have stewardship over her. This year, Osita lost her cria. Whenever we have a loss, it is devastating. But to see my lovely Osita lose her baby, it is like a knife in my gut. She is such a good momma, and loves her crias so much- it was heartbreaking to have her go through this. She and I grieved together, and she showed me how to forgive myself.

While Osita is easy going most of the time, she is easily stressed when confronted with unusual situations like shearing in late term pregnancy, and heat, traveling off the ranch, etc. We are always mindful of that. This year she got too hot during a weird weather week we had early in May, and before we caught it- it was too late. She is being kept open and won't be rebred until the fall, so she won't have to deal with that again. I don't send her off the ranch for breeding, she stays here to minimize her stress. She really loves us so much, she does very poorly when away from home.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Osita, she would love to meet all of you I know, and give you kisses I am sure! I will go outside now and give her a scratch on all her favorite spots, just for you!Slainte~

Friday, August 17, 2007

Alpaca Naming Contest- We have a Winner!!

Wow, first of all I just want to say thank you! What a COOL group of folks I have who read my blog! I was totally floored by all the responses, and I had SO much fun!!

Now, the results are in!! And I am going to let my little cria take over here. But read to the end, I have more to say about the "runner up" :))

Well, first of all I had to shove my way in!!! See- here I am trying to get to that 2-legger, I couldn't wait to hear my name! The other crias have been teasing me, calling me 'no-name' and stuff. Then momma told me that Quickbeam didn't have a name for four whole months!!! HA!! Anyway.....

This is the reason I couldn't get to the 2-legger.... her name is Osita and she's a camera hog!! She just loooooves that 2-legger, and every time she comes out here, Osita has to hog all the space around her.

I mean, just look at her!!!!!

I don't know how you can miss her...... she's as big as a house.

Here I am, FINALLY!! I tried to SPIT my way in.... but I don't think I really have the hang of that yet.....

So, when I got here, that 2-legger went on and one, telling me all about all the cool names that she got, and how it was so hard for that giant 2-legger who brings the food ( I call him Daddy) to choose. I told her to let ME choose, but I don't think she heard me. But she said that the final decision was- Elbereth- Lady of the Stars. I LOVE it!!! It is so pretty, just like me! Thank you Mousie!!

Then she said that Daddy said that the next cria born already has a name!! No matter if it's a boy or a girl it's gonna be Narya because he loved that name so much!! So, what's the deal I ask?? They get a name already?!?! And I had to wait?!?!?!


Anyway, I love the name- it is perfect, just like me! And the 2-legger loves it too. And she doesn't have to think about the next name! The new cria should be born in September, and the 2-legger is hoping that she will be born on her birthday again, like Rosie Cotton was last year, and my momma was waaaaayyy back in 2000.

Well, thanks everyone who helped me find a name! I really think it's cool that everyone loves me so much, they would help me find the perfect name. I'll see you all soon! Back to the 2-legger! I'm gonna go bounce someone..... hmmm.... maybe that pushy Osita..... Bye!


Rachelle here again! So, as you can see we had a winner, and a runner up! Mousie- you get the scarf and picture for Elbereth- Lady of the Stars!! Woo-hoo!!!

And Silfiriel- I am sending you a picture, and a little stuffed alpaca because we loved your name- Narya so much, we are going to use it for our next cria!

Cool beans methinks. Next post, I am going to introduce you to all the alpacas! I will post a picture, and a little about them- so you can get to know my extended family. Hmmm..... might have to break it up into 2 or 3 posts, there are a lot of pacas here!!

Check back soon! And thank you, so very, very much! Mousie and Silfiriel could you email me and give me your addresses? :))


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anticipation.... anticipay-aytion.....

I know, I know. I promised hubby would choose on the 15th, and now it's the 16th.

Please, I am really sorry, but could you bear with me for another day? Hubby is working two jobs right now and I haven't seen him all week. I know he still lives here, I can smell his aftershave, and there is dirty laundy in the basket.
So, I promise I will tie him down, er, I mean I will grab him long enough to get an answer tonight. Then I will post it tomorrow.