Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anticipation.... anticipay-aytion.....

I know, I know. I promised hubby would choose on the 15th, and now it's the 16th.

Please, I am really sorry, but could you bear with me for another day? Hubby is working two jobs right now and I haven't seen him all week. I know he still lives here, I can smell his aftershave, and there is dirty laundy in the basket.
So, I promise I will tie him down, er, I mean I will grab him long enough to get an answer tonight. Then I will post it tomorrow.



silfiriel said...

well i guess blogger dot com does it's job and compensates the time difference, I am from Macedonia, Ohrid. There is a pic of my town on The very first post is my hometown.

silfiriel said...

BTW,I suppose Hubby is "husband", please leave the man at peace, I have a pretty good idea how's it like with two jobs, i am just lucky I've got very nice people around me. The cria can wait a few days more without a name.

Victorya said...

Forgiveness is given, if only because you used red type. Okay, and because you sound like a busy woman as it is. I just want more posts about the ranch now that I found this place, kay? I love the cuties here.

Rachelle said...

Dear Silfiriel,
HA! I knew where you lived, I just wanted to hear you say it, so I knew how to pronounce it!!!.......... wait a minute, that didn't work.....
How DO you pronounce it?? :))

I have visited your blog, but I didn't get to stay very long, I had to go break up a fight in the boy's pen..... tis breeding season don'tcha know.... LOL

Anyway, we have an answer- and I'll be posting it this morning when I get back from taxi duty!
I can't wait, it is very surprising.
See you soon!
ps- yup- hubby = husband :))

Rachelle said...

Dear Victorya,
Woo-hoo!! She's hooked!!!!

I promise an answer this morning, barring any natural disasters or kitchen fires....

Rachelle said...

Or random incidents of spontaneous

dawn said...

Just stopping by to see how things are going. Everything with me is good so far thanks for caring. Have a great weekend

Rachelle said...

Hi Dawn!!
Have a great weekend yourself dear :))

Anonymous said...