Sunday, March 18, 2007


Almond trees in Dixon
Green hills surround us
Popcorn popping on our apricot tree
Zafira, in grey- out of our stud Mithrandir and Avalon -black suri in front out of
our stud Sandpiper
Zafira and her momma

Wow... it has been so long since I wrote!

Well, here is a 'sum up' to let you know what's been happening:

A huge branch punched a hole in our roof.

It rained in our house.

We went to Sacramento to deliver an alpaca we sold. :( and :)

We picked up my Lady Galadriel from where she was near Sacramento for breeding (hurray!)

While we were in Sacramento, (of course....) a ranch we are mentoring had their first cria- a dystocia that resulted in the vet having to manually remove the cria (only weighing 6 lbs) and the mother and severely compromised cria having to be rushed up to UC Davis (where we, of course WERE!!!)

Our neighbor's house up the canyon burned to the ground- nothing recoverable- but no life lost.

The weather made our road impassible for 3 days.

Our neighbor down the road from us went off the side of said road and was trapped upside down in his car for almost 4 hours (thankfully he is alright now!)

Our beautiful hills turned vibrant green.

My whole family has been down with strep throat for three weeks, I managed to come through unscathed (so I thought, keep reading)

I found out I need a hysterectomy (April 11th)

I have been putting together all the last minute details on our National Super Stud Raffle.

My son had his second drumline competition (we were in Sac for the first one)

Then just when I thought everything would settle down for a while- I got strep throat.


Life just got busy!

So, let's recap:

Neighbors- both fine- one sore, one rebuilding.

Hole in the roof- still there.

Weather- hot! Cooling trend coming, and my peach tree is starting to bloom!

Alpacas- first one due in June, and my Lady G is home! We miss Fanny.

Little cria (girl) now weighs 12 lb and she and mom are both doing great.

Kids- all well but Codi going to see her specialist again tomorrow due to a reoccurrence of her stomach problems.

Me- will be one or three organs lighter, and in much less pain after my surgery! Oh yea, and antibiotics are great, aren't they?

Hills- still gorgeous- see pictures.

Stud Raffle- coming together, and I'm off to Nationals in May to choose a winner!

So, enjoy the pictures, and I promise to keep writing more often.

Thanks to Mousie for your concern- yup- sometimes I isolate and don't reach out, and sometimes life just gets in the way!