Sunday, September 10, 2006

my first post

Well, I've gone and done it. People have been telling me forever to just do it, and I've done it.
Here you will find my musings, done mostly in the pasture with my beloved alpacas here on my ranch. Thoughts that will range from the day to day ranch operation, from the silly to the sublime.
I will also post my own personal thoughts on just about everything else in life, seeing as how I have so many thoughts they sometimes hurt my head. Hopefully they won't hurt yours! I promise I will be honest.
You may agree or disagree, it's up to you, but as I don't have a pensieve at my disposal, I admit this to be a wonderful way to clear my mind.

Today is a cria watch day. A cria is a baby alpaca, and I have a mom whose due date was Friday, so that means she could have her cria at anytime..... in the next 30 days.....
Up every three hours at night to check, as this momma had her little one last year about an hour before dawn.
Lets see... three hour checks all night every night x 30 days = one incoherent, babbling, bumbling fool. This should be fun!!!

You'd think I would be used to it, after all this is the 30th or so cria born here on our ranch, and I'm the one up since papa bear works, but I'm finding out that the older I get, the longer it takes to recover from an all nighter- heck, even a part nighter! Gone are the days when I could party all night and go to work all the next day only to start the whole thing over again that night after an hour nap in my car at lunch. Yep, I'm old. Hitting 42 this year, but that's a whole other page.

Oh well, it is worth it when that bouncing cria hits the ground and we start watching it's personality develop. Then we get to start playing "The Naming Game".
Take good care of yourself- til next time.


South Florida Alpacas & friends said...

Well, there are some ways in which I can identify with some of your feelings here and there. Let's start with starting a blog, which I am doing, and eventually figuring out what that means and how to make improving use of it. I think your idea is cleverly conceived....pasture and musings in deed.

Anonymous said...