Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006 new babies and interloping adults

Well, we had a baby today! Looks like I will get some sleep after all! Woo-hoo and pass the tylenol p.m.... :)

Born by 7:10 am, this momma really likes to labor all through the night and pop 'em out early let me tell you.
He is a little boy, pink champagne in color with a brown spot on his chest. Curly, curly fiber! Out of our boarder's female Rawnie, and our own Pacifica's Eclipse. Good job guys! Especially you poppa, color out of two whites, know it came from your side! Okay, nuff braggin- on to the good stuff.

He weighs 14 lb, and had a bit of a slow start. I think he was just trying to wake up, I mean sheesh momma, not *everyone* is a morning person... He is up and getting around well, but............

I go outside to check on him a few hours later and lo and behold, there is a 4 year old female trying to steal his milk from his momma and shoving him out of the way! And this isn't even her mom! She is just trying to get that good stuff that comes in the first day. Boy, 4 years old and still a milk thief... can't wait till she has her first next year, will she tey to milk off herself?

So, out of the pen she goes and into the 'seasoned moms' pen. Yeah, just try that with Osita honey, talk about your mean green fighting machine. Sure enough, she tried to nurse on two out of the three moms in there and promptly got green in a hurry. Think she got the picture, aint cool to sneak, and I think I saw Poca shake her toenail at her, scolding her and telling her to "Grow up and act your age!!"

I am sure this newest momma is just distracted, because she is the boss hog of the pen and under normal circumstances she would never let anyone get away with something like that... I think I'll forgive her on her son's birthday :)
New babies, is there anythin in the world more sweet and perfect?
Slainte~ and may all your days be a wonderful