Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AOBA Nationals

All Photographs copyrighted by Rachelle Black 2007
Here are some of my favorite shots from all the photos we took all week. Next time I will post all the ones my daughter took!

My favorite class- junior performance. Since our booth was behind ring 2, we got a good look at some of the classes. These kids worked so very hard, and did such a super job. They handled their alpacas better, in some cases, than the adults!
This little one worked so well with her alpaca!
Calm and sure, never rushed. She did great! This is a hard thing for some alpacas, all these weird obstacles and strange set ups.
Waiting their turn, these boy's alpacas looked like twins!
This silver suri had plenty of blue ribbons, isn't he handsome?
I'm a sucker for a cute face!
What a profile!
Sweet suri smile for me :))
Some of the classes were really tough, with 10 or more entries in each class. Here are some white suris checking out the competition.

Hi all! Back from nationals, and what a trip! Held in Kentucky this year, they are three hours ahead of us, so when we got there Monday evening- after traveling 12 hours- we were beat! By Thursday we seemed to be adjusting to the time difference, and by Saturday we had it! Only to come home Sunday..... now we are finally back on CA time LOL. Being there was great, alpaca shows are big in the industry, and this is the biggest- being run by our national affiliate AOBA- Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association. There are now many shows nationwide, but the AOBA show is still on top.

I am in charge of the Super Stud Raffle, which is a big fundraiser for the Alpaca Research Foundation. ARF provides research monies and grants for medical studies in the camelid field. And I am on the development committee. This year was the 7th year of the raffle, and my first year in charge! Yikes!! Each year we find two of the top male herdsires in the country- one suri, one huacaya- and their owners graciously donate a breeding to each of them. Then we offer the tickets at $50 each and anyone can participate. This year was a great year, we had two stunning males that were each well received. The winners were both new breeders, both with small herds, both very glad to win! What fun!! This year we raised about $5,000- not the highest year, but still a great one.

Well, I'm off for now, see you next time!


singleton said...

I'm in awe. What world do I live in that I've never seen animals like this? With faces that blend the best of teddy bears and Saint Bernards and eyes that say "I'm listening, I'm trying, Do you love me, too?" How awesome that you all are part of this....And your little one... beautiful! Congrats to all!

Rachelle said...

Hay Singleton,
Thanks, but that little one is not mine! My "little one" is 13 and taller than me :)) LOL, I WISH she was that little again... *sigh*

She took a lot of the pictures I will be posting next time and helped me run the booth.
Well, I didn't have these magical animals in my life until 1999, I can't imagine being without them now!

Anonymous said...

I annually attend the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts. This year we enjoyed watching the Alpaca judging. Beautiful animals, in so many colors.

Rachelle said...

Hi Chewy!
Alpaca shows are getting bigger and bigger. When we first started in 1999, there weren't any shows in CA, now there are 5! And two more being planned.
It sure is interesteing to watch the judging, although it was heartbreaking to watch one of the young men who worked so hard in his performance class place lower than he wanted. He cried! It was so sad, I made sure to tell him how much I enjoyed watching him work so well with his alpaca. I don't think it made much difference, but I had to try!

Sarah said...

You were right! How could your gorgeous animals not make me smile :) My favorite is the 6th picture (the redish one who is smiling). It looks like your Alpacas are well loved. What fun for you to be able to attend and be a part of the Stud Raffle. $5,000 is nothing to sniff at - good job!

dawn said...

They are really adorable animals, I would have never really looked. Thanks for introducing me to your world.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

My goodness, girl - do you EVER slow down?? You are absolutley amazing, such energy, devotion and love.. makes my head spin!

Rachelle said...

Dear Sarah,
Like I said, you aren't that far from me, come on over when you need a break- which sounds like right about , um, last week??

BTW everyone- you should check out Sarah's blog- really great!!!! I love it :))
Slainte my dear,

Rachelle said...

Shrink- well, I do slow down when it comes to house work, does that count??

Of course, that leads to situations like now. House hasn't been cleaned since BEFORE I left for Kentucky, and my brother and his lady are coming Monday. We're going to the movies today, can't clean on Sunday, that leaves......
Oh yea! Running around with my hair on fire frantically cleaning everything in the 4 hours I'll have before they get here Monday morning!

hmmm.... there's a lesson here I just know it.... oh well, never was good at learnin.

Anonymous said...