Wednesday, November 22, 2006

They don't make them like that anymore

Hi everyone,
I just got finished watching one of my favorite movies of all time- White Christmas. I want a dress like Rosemary Clooneys!!
*sigh* what a great movie! Talent, talent, talent.
In those days to be a great actor, you needed talent! You had to be able to sing, dance, and have great comedic timing. Oh, did I mention you actually had to know how to ACT??!!

Danny Kaye is my favorite actor in the world. If I could have met anyone, it would have been him. When life would get out of control, I would always watch a Danny Kaye movie and it never failed to make me smile and feel better. I wish I were that funny!!

Why don't they make movies like that anymore? Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire.... all the greats are gone now, and we lost so much with them.

I love old movies because they are innocent. Where now can we turn to for an hour and a half of pure entertainment without having to cringe from language, close our eyes at indecency, or fast forward through violence. Nowhere it seems.

when I watch a movie, I want to laugh, or cry. I want to have it sweep me off my feet, make me sing or dance.... I want to be moved- not disgusted.

Here are some of my favorite movies:
Beauty and the Beast- Disney- what a beautiful movie!
Up in Arms- Danny Kaye of course, I still bust a gut watching him on the deck of the ship improvising.
Funny Girl- HA-HA!!!! I love this movie- everything about it is fantastic
The Muppets Christmas Carol- yup, I love watching Michael Caine with the muppets, and the story is so well done! I cry every time
The Lion King- Remember who you are....... cool beans
It's a Wonderful Life- what can I say?
Toy Story- come on, who didn't think their toys came to life when they left the room??
Hook- ta! What a great movie!
Calamity Jane- Doris Day, I'll watch anything with her in it! I love the music.
The Court Jester- Danny Kaye again- what a hoot!
The Long Ride Home- Hallmark Movie here- a 2 kleenex box flick for sure. Oh my gosh... then I watched it when my son is 15.... WAAHHHAAA!!!!
The Wizard of Oz- of course!
Sleeping Beauty- the animation is just so beautiful.
Cinderella- because I wanted so much as a girl to have someone sweep me off my feet and carry me away from my cruel home.
The Nightmare Before Christmas- I LOVE Tim Burton- he is as sick and twisted as I am ...... in a good way of course :))
Any of the Bing Crosby- Bob Hope road movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- I was very pleased over all with what they did with my favorite books.
The Paleface- Bob Hope, what a genius
Willow- I do so like Warwick Davis
The Sixth Sense- I love to be scared silly!!
The Village- Cool! I wanna do that!!!!
Finding Nemo- wow, what a beautiful film!
The Incredibles- okay, so I'm a Disney girl!
The Emperors New Groove- LOL!!! I still crack up during this one- and llamas and alpacas? Of course!

Okay... so there are just a few. I love movies- but I don't see rated R movies anymore. The last one I saw was one that I recommend to everyone. A very difficult movie to watch, but ever so important.
Schindler's List- If we will only remember.... always.

Today we got one of our last females bred. Sheesh.... she was so picky! I brought in the male we wanted to breed her to (we'll call him #1), and neither was interested. Then I brought in our second choice, nope... then we brought in a "won't take no for an answer" male just to get her down, and left in #1 so he could "take over" after the other male got her down.... nope. #1 just bit the other male and tried to get him away from her, so I don't know, he could worship her from afar I guess.....
Then I brought in someone we hadn't considered, and voila! She dropped like a rock and a successful breeding took place. So, this will be an interesting combo, I can't wait!

Okay, so Christmas is just around the corner!!! I am so excited!!!! *jumping up and down in her chair* I LOVE Christmas!!!
I am going to set up my village this weekend, and of course the manger is out.
You know, when I lived in Downey I had a teeny-weeny house and all this Christmas stuff. So when we bought this big house I thought; GREAT!! Room for all the Christmas stuff!!
Nope..... still not enough room..... :))
I will put pictures up from the parade we take our pacas in next week- this year it will be at night, so we are looking for battery operated light strings to wrap them in so people can see them LOL.
Till next time- have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving, and watch Something heartwarming for me, okay?