Saturday, November 25, 2006

switching to beta

Hi loyal readers,
Today I tried to switch over to beta..... but it wouldn't let me. It said they were only switching a 'limited number' of users over to beta.

What am I, chopped liver??? LOL.....
So, I will try again later.

Meantime, last night the kids and I went to see Happy Feet.
What a riot!!! It was so darn cute, and really funny.
I recommend it highly. Next is Santa Claus 3 (for my hubby, I didn't like the second one)

I am going to try and write every day, even if it is just a paragraph or two of life on the ranch.

Today we breed again..... that doesn't sound right huh? :))
Trying to get my girls all preggo before the 'window' closes and it gets too late in the season. One of them I think has a retained CL, which means the egg is stuck basically.... she thinks she is PG, and her body is producing the PG hormones, but she really isn't- it isn't a viable, fertilized egg.

So, off to the vet today to get some meds to make the egg drop and flush so she can get PG!!

Last night it was already freezing here at 9 pm. Then clouds moved in and it is 38 this morning. I dreamt about snow, and huge pastures, and my crias Heathertoes and Rosie Cotton getting out through a hole in the fence! I ran with them for a while, slipping my fingers through their soft fleece as we dashed along. Then I tricked them back into the pasture! It was very beautiful and peaceful.

Of late my dreams have been troubled. As I mentioned before, I dream very vividly to say the least. And the last few mornings I have awoken with my neck in knots from not relaxing during the night.
How can one expect to be refreshed and vibrant when one has to save the world every night??

I know!! I need a costume! And.... a catchy heroish name!!!
Any ideas?