Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mountain in the Mist

You know, I may not be very good at it, but I love to take pictures. There is something about pictures that is more eloquent than any words. The times I have been most moved in my life all have to do with either something I have seen, like a photo, or something I have heard- like music. I guess that means I don't fit in either the 'audio' or 'visual' group, but both! Maybe I am just strange... er, move to strike that last remark your honor. So, after taking a break from writing, because at times words fail to bring inspiration, I am going to share some photos and then talk about them!

Yesterday it was "Mountain in the Mist" time. This time of the year we here in our canyon get to walk around with our heads in the clouds.... as if I don't do that all the time, but I digress.....We get 'socked in' in low flying clouds and it is misty and wet outside. So, here is a picture of what our front yard looks like. Hmmm, I have a brilliant idea!!! "Alpacas in the Mist".... sounds like a great movie!! We'll get Peter Jackson to direct!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachelle, beautiful pictures, this one looks like an old painting, you know the impressionist period.
Keep it up. I feel like we are becomming friends. How high are you, I mean from the sea!!! we live in the mountains here in spain, (tell me anyone who doesn't) but it is totally different from your mountains, yours are green and lush, ours are spartan and arid. cozmic

Rachelle Black said...

Well Cozmic, I am pretty high- but don't tell anyone, I've been clean and sober for 16 years now. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.... LOL

Seriously, we are at about 3600' up here.
Just high enough to be above the smog from Bakersfield (worst in the nation last I heard) and low enough to get stuck in the clouds in the fall!

I don't know much about Spain- tell me- what's your favorite place? Describe it so my family can read all about it. I imagine it to be very beautiful there!
Thanks! I am going to find some more favorite photos and share this week.
BTW, ours are only lush and green for about 4 weeks, the rest of the time they are yellow wheat fields :))
Talk soon,

Anonymous said...