Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flowers I love

Side note: when we visited about 6 months after we moved, the whole yard had been dug up and there was only a few scrawny plants left up next to the house.... it was devastating. Our neighbors couldn't believe what she had done. It looked like just another track home. We figure she dug up and threw out about 9 rose bushes.... I never went back, too hard!Then we moved up here- 20 acres!! Woo-hoo!!!!! Room to plant everything I ever wanted! But, we didn't know that our land came with an unlimited supply of gophers too.... so we lost almost all of the rose bushes we had brought up. I say all this not to make anyone feel sorry for us, but to impress how much we love our flowers :)) We learned to plant everything in a cage. I am still learning after 7 years what will grow in our short seasons, and what won't. After living in Downey where if you stuck it in the ground, it grew- It was quite a blow to my horticultural thumbs when things actually died! I never though it was possible, I planted it, it should grow and thrive!! LOL, -- slap-- wake up call!
So, here are my successes, all dewy and fresh in all their early morning splendor.