Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille....

Okay loyal readers,
In my brilliance, I decided to post just a little bit of my 'story' with each picture, in the hopes of breaking up the "20 pictures with no text" blogs I've been doing lately. Good idea, except for the fact that I should have posted them BACKWARD in order for you to get the story from the beginning to the end.... So, read "Mountain in the Mist" first, then read upwards..... make sense to anyone else?
Hmmmm... actually, when you think about it..... it does in a weird sort of blogging way.... Ouch, I think I hurt myself
Really, life shouldn't be this complicated. I need Tylenol, anyone got any Tylenol?? How about a stiff drink?? Oh, I don't drink.......... well, how about a stiff diet soda????? - sigh-it's just not the same is it?
Okay, now I'm off to direct my next film. Here's the star- BMAR's Arwen Undomiel.I hope this all makes sense, and that I will get a clue, seriously...... soon.


petescam said...

ok, not making sense just yet :-) lol... but I will continue to read it and enjoy the pics... keep up the effort...
your new 'hobbit' reader from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

that's ok love...
I go and prepare lunch, and come back to read...
see you

Anonymous said...

Well you made sense to me dear, one out of three can't be bad. By the way, hobbit's don't come from New Zealand.
Some like us come from a place called Buckland, that is if you read the book properly ;-)
This Alpaca is very photogenic, are they all like this?

Rachelle Black said...

Hay Cozmic,
Are you really from Buckland? A rebellious young hobbit you must be ;^)
I think Peter Jackson did a pretty good job recreating Bag End, pretty close to how I have imagined it all these (many, many, many LOL) years.
Personally, I want to live with the elves. But alas, I have not the poetic voice of Bilbo, I would never fit in :))
I am much too much like squashy fat hobbit, merely longing for the beauty & grace of Galadriel!
BTW, all of our pacas born here (as I am sure you might have noticed) are named from the LOTR books, my very favorite books all growing up.
Take care~

Rachelle Black said...

Hi Pete :)
Thanks for dropping in, sorry it was a confusing time for your visit.
Welcome to my world
--maniacal grin--
It is chaotic and wild at times, but that's what happens when you take a 42 year old woman and deprive her of adequate sleep for long enough!!! :))
Come by again!

Rachelle Black said...

Oh, sorry Cozmic-got all caught up in the Hobbit thing- no, not all alpacas are like this on, but a lot are! I have quite a few who like to get up close and personal whenever I have something in my hand (probably hoping it's a carrot!)
Arwen likes to sniff the top of my head to say hi... or maybe she just likes my shampoo- who knows... so she was trying to do that when she got sidetracked by the camera.
I have a funny one of a cria who got so close the picture only came out with an eyeball in it! :))

mousie said...

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Bill Henderson said...

Dearest Rachelle,
You have done a wonderful job on this site. It appears my replies are getting lost in cyber space some where.
Best of luck my friend and well wishes to the family from my family.
Friends with Love, Bill & Sheri H

Anonymous said...