Saturday, October 07, 2006

Codi's Rose

I love flowers, gardening and plants. We have always had a garden, when we lived in Downey we were on a busy street and people used to stop and take pictures of our front yard. The yard was carefully landscaped with walkways between the roses, and perennial beds all around. Roses, bulbs, and annuals filled the front yard. In the back the kids play area was slowly decreased as the size of our garden grew. I grew everything! It was lovely, fresh herbs and veggies....When we moved up here we dug up several rose bushes and brought them with us, they were very precious to us, being part of a test garden- the ones that weren't chosen to market to the public were named after my children. We left the rest of our beloved rose garden there. The lady who bought the house assured us if she was considering digging anything up she would tell us so we could come down and get it ourselves. This is my daughter Codi's rose. An old English variety, it starts out with a pale apricot color, and then erupts into the fiery colors of the sunset as it unfolds. Kind of like my daughter :)) calm on the outside, but don't get her riled up!