Friday, October 19, 2007

Take a walk with me....

All Photographs copyrighted by Rachelle Black 2007
My dear Fatty Lumpkins and his old momma dog Tequila say:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy a walk!! Let's go!
And down the road we go.

Past the never dying lavender that cheers me up with it's fragrance. Times like this I long for my Cannon OS with manual focus. *sigh*
Past the last of the sunflowers... this ones just unfolding to it's full glory. The last harbinger of summer, it's sunny face brings a smile to mine.

Past the "Bear in the Tree"

B.t., this is for you. The natural formation looks just like a bear head profile, and after meeting you, I can never look at it without thinking of my little beary friend!

Here we are walking past the poison ivy that is climbing up a white oak tree at our seasonal stream. It's colors range from pink, to red and yellow.

Everyone joins us on our walk. The dogs Lumpy and Momma Dog, and the cats, Jack and his sister Diane.
Here's a little slice of heaven found under the Buckeye trees. Their leaves fallen and branches bare, they are stark- yet, beautiful. The first to bud striking green in the spring and light up the canyon, the first to shed their leaves in the fall and drop their shiny chestnuts, bearing huge flower spikes in summer, they are always interesting to see.

Into the sun we stroll, dogs sniffing the trail ahead and cats watching our six. A- a- aaaa-choo!! Oy, the rabbit brush is blooming, again. Hope you took your allergy medicine!

Careful, we're coming up on Shark Rock!! Watch out, he might bite!

Jack says it's time for a break. He has a heart condition, so we pause for a moment. Jack is a cat, who thinks he's a dog. If he could bark, he would! He comes when I whistle, charges at visitors like the dogs, and sleeps with Lumpy. What a piece of work...

Look what we find when we stop for a moment! Some colorful poison oak. Careful, don't touch! Admire it's beauty from afar.
Diane asks,

"Are we going to sit here all day?!" Ever impatient, Diane is the polar opposite of laid back Jack. Demanding and imperial, Diane is the Queen of the ranch.

On the journey home, I am taking it slow to soak in all the beauty of the morning. Ahead, everyone looks back. "Are you coming?" you can hear them say.

Let's pause near the beautiful oak grove.

And home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

I hope you enjoyed taking a walk with us in our little corner of the world.
I would like to thank everyone who has kept our little Narya in their thoughts and prayers. I am cautiously optimistic that she will make a full recovery. She is ever so much better than last weekend, and is getting stronger every day!
Till next time,


sandykessler said...

Narya ??So peaceful this walk we all went on- Thank You I love how cats are sop attuned to us that they follow like we are the pied piper. I so loved this thanks--a special peace now.....

Rachelle said...

Hi Sandy,
Um.... what does "Narya ??"
Mean? LOL

Casdok said...

Yes i did enjoy the walk thank you!
Lovely pictures.

WalksFarWoman said...

Gorgeous walk Rachelle!
Don't you just love walking in piles of leaves! :)

Rachelle said...

Di Casdok,
I am glad you enjoyed it!
We are so blessed to live here, I am grateful every day!

Rachelle said...

Dear WFW,
I do, I do!
The only draw back ar ethe bugs you stir up :^/

singleton said...

Just incredible! It's hard to believe Ma Nature is so under palm trees, toes in the sand, we don't have those colors except under the sea....And yet, here, there, everywhere....It's just so beautiful. Thank you Rachelle, the walk has been wonderful!
Peace~love, healing thoughts for Narya

karoline said...

what a beautiful walk you have taken us live in heaven beautiful...


sandykessler said...

How's Narya doing ?You had said there were some slight setbacks ?Was wondering , just wanted you to know Rachel I come back to this post again and again. It gives me such warmth and heartfelt peace. It is so like my life growing up and the joys now . I have 6 dogs and they follow me everywhere and when we are outside the outdoors cat Tandy comes along?Sorry I was not clearer on the Narya ??Sometimes I think people can read my mind, and I can't

Rachelle said...

Dear Singleton,
I am glad to have brought some peace into your life :))
Thanks for the healing thoughts for Narya, she is really doing so much better. She has been off the antibiotics since Thursday now, and is still requiring some supplementation, but is continuing to recover well.

Rachelle said...

Dear Karoline,
Yes, we are so blessed to live here, that's why I get so stressed when hubby loses his job. The thought of having to move is very distressing, but it is so hard to live in CA without a good job!

Rachelle said...

Dear Sandy,
I get it now! :))
Well, since I put that little update in at the last after our walk, I thought that would do for now. *grin*

But, she is doing much better. I am beginning to get my hopes up despite myself!

Don't I wish I could mind read.... then I could take over the world!! *maniacal laughter*

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh Rachelle, what a slice of heaven you live in! So glad it looks like your baby is going to make it. Fatty lumpkins - a perfect name, huh? Your photography is esquisite, my dear - thank you for taking me along with you.. ((x))

Mousie/Paisible said...

that's just great great great...we have the feeling we are walking by your side...and the header of your blog is so sos very very very to all ...

sandykessler said...

I was just eliciting more Narya details. I did read the ending . I 'm a prayer ..I walk day and night and now can walk with you in inclement weather. It's so fascinating how through blogging we meet people so like us, same frustrations, worries, trials ,a nd loves of nature, animals , times and people.I don't have time to be sick..

Calamity Jane said...

Lovely pictures, oh you do live in a pretty part of the world! My cats like to go on walks with us too but we live too close t a busy road to go very far with them in tow.

Thanks for dropping in on me at the weekend. I hope you're not in danger from the fires raging in Malibu?

CJ xx

Rachelle said...

Dear Shrinky,
Thanks deary! I just love your corner ofthe world too, I love it when I visit you and you take me to the coast, I miss the beach!
Someday I'm gonna live where I get the mountains and the beach :))
See you soon love,

Rachelle said...

Dearest Mousie,
Hello there my sweet!
Thanks for dropping in, and I'm coming over to visit you now, put on a spot of tea, okay?
Paca kisses,

Rachelle said...

Hi Sandy,
I am thinking about writing an 'official' update, but I wanted to wait until she was off her antibiotics for a few days to judge her long term prognosis.
I will, I promise! :))
Yes, it is amazing how we draw close to like persons isn't it?

Rachelle said...

Dear CJ,
I smile every time I see your picture :))
Well, for now the fires seem to be staying away, the winds are HOWLING crazy up here, and we are just crossing our fingers that the firebugs stay away!
See "Two days of Terror...." in my July archives for our last fire escapade, not fun!
We are keeping our ears open for those ranches in the affected areas so we can help if we need to.
Just heard there is one now on the other side of the Grapevine, and the wind is coming our way.....
No, no, no!
Thanks for dropping in!

it's the little things... said...

You are all in my thoughts. Glad you found time and energy to take a walk and enjoy the world. It's good to remember that it's out there...and that we're not confined to our little existence!

Sandy Kessler said...

Rachel how much we endure animal concerns, money and life concernms and now fires. my brother in law - looks shaky for him. and friends. love and strength and somewhere down the road..peace.. sk

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh sweetie, these fires have already done a tap-dance around you once this year, I'm praying that wind changes direction.. sit tight my friend, we're all thinking of you. ((hugs))

Victorya said...

What a lovely photo-essay! I truly hope those fires are far from you this time, at that the little cria is doing well and will be pronking soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you also with the dread of those fires.

Lovely walk in the woods. Thanks for taking me along.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Rachelle, I'm SCARED to take any walks with you right now - where the heck are you girl? Are you alright? (x)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo Rachelle! I am bak an I've been worreed abowt yu cos I've seen the fires on the news. Pleez tell us wat's hapnin to yu all!

I like yor foto's, speshaly the bear in the tree! Hehehe!

Granny has a cat called Fluff hoo looks a lot like Diane. I like Jack the cat-dog!

Hope yor all ok. Sendin nose hugs!


i beati said...

rachelle - little problem , changes site a bit - follow the little blue name I am blessed and there I'll be, same daisies, same me,same blessing the happy spirits..sandy sorry for the trouble

itisthelittlethings said...

I see I'm not the only one worrying about you, your family and all your little creatures. Please let us know you're okay!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Rachelle, please let us know what's happening.. warm thoughts and hugs coming your way. ((x))

Catmoves said...

Hi Rachelle. What beautiful country and what great pictures. thanks for sharing.
Oh, thought you could fool me, eh? Narya definition:"The -ya ending is normally used to form adjectives, so nár 'fire' becomes narya 'fiery'
She's a doll.

Sherée said...

Hi, Rachélle!

I already tried leaving a comment on this post just a little while ago, but for some odd reason, it didn't show up! grrrr! Anyway... I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful, wonderous, awesome, walk with nature and with your buddies and you, in God's Country, because I had a breath of fresh air and the wonderful pictures were just such a treat! THANK YOU, my good friend! Take good care of yourself and please keep in touch when you can, ok?

Much love and many blessings to you!


Anonymous said...