Monday, August 10, 2009


It's been so long... where do I begin? Well, let's start at the very beginning (that's a very good place to start).
Been busy, Cameron graduated High School - YES!! Now he's officially a bum... :)) Until School starts in the spring that is. He will be studying music- but of course!

I am possibly facing some neck and/or back surgery- things have really gone downhill in that department. Moving on...

Downsized the ranch to 12 animals- still need to move a couple more- but I don't want to let anymore go!

Codi wants to graduate HS early, and has been taking BYU courses over summer- also she wants to transfer to a new HS... she hates this small limited one we have here and can't say I blame her. But I am not sure I am comfortable with her riding the bus 90 miles a day by herself to get to the one she wants to go to.... hmmmm. The jury is still out on that one.

I miss all of you, my friends, and want you to know that I think of you often, even if I don't visit or write.

So- thought I'd dredge up my very first poem, this one was published in a book of poetry- it is not as it was originally written, but my memory is not that great and I can't recall the first draft.

This was written first when I was in 8th grade- after the suicide of my brother. I had a wonderful English teacher, he thought he was reincarnated from Paul Revere's horse!! Seriously, he used to joke about it being the 'left front horseshoe'. He was weird, he was strange... he was just what I needed to help me sort out my feelings after Jeff's death.
He helped my tap into my creative reserve, and if I had managed to stay sober- who knows where my writing would have taken me?

Green Fields
He lies in green fields thinking about life...
he recalls how he had it soft when he was small.
now he's on his own with two kids and a wife.
as he listens to the birds sing he remembers it all.
His thoughts go astray,
to a time far away
when life seemed simple and love so sweet.
Now his wife is gone, and he's out on the street.
Cruel torments alone await,
he has learned the meaning of hate.
There's a gun by his head,
he wants to be dead.
He lies in green fields, thinking no more.
God has softly closed the door.
This is the way it was published- the original was a bit longer, but I don't remember all of it.
Here's to you all my friends- a token- to let you know I am still here!