Monday, October 13, 2008

The changing garden of Mister Bell

All Photographs Copyrighted by Rachelle Black 2008

This title is a song by children's artist Raffi.
I love Raffi! Some of his songs are just wonderful, and this is my favorite one. It reminds me of my friend Linda.

Linda owns a plant nursery here in our small town, and I have been working there very part time since March of this year. She can grow anything, and specializes in native plants. I swear that girl can put a penny in the ground and grow a $$ tree~

This is a Tiger Lily

Since we live in a mountain area, it is important to Linda that we only sell plants and flowers that will grow in our special climate. She does a great job stocking tons of wonderful things! The nursery is spectacular, full of color and light. Native grasses delicately wave and riotous colors abound everywhere you look. It is a feast for the eyes.

This is a Lemon Sunflower

It is a great job to have, I get to water, transplant, prune and care for everything. We decorate the nursery according to the seasons, and I just finished designing and planting some "Pumpkin Pots" where I actually scooped out the innards of some pumpkins and planted some fall colored flowers! It was great fun, and they look awesome!

These are some White Cosmos

I also get to do a lot of color bowl design, and help customers design their planters and flower beds. I love to do this, and I am getting back in touch with my gardening soul.

This is a Salvia "Hot Lips" ha-ha!
Watering and being among the flowers, with all the bees and good bugs is good for the soul. I enjoy it a great deal, and just wanted to share some of it with you!
Enjoy, and see you next time!


quilly said...

So, are you really back this time? Hmmmm?

silfiriel said...

Hey, Rachelle is alive!!!:)
Long time no read.
The post was great and the photos are amazing, i love them. So i guess you work in a plant nursery, which is pretty cool.
Hope to read some more in the future.

Rachelle said...

Dear Quilly,
Well, last night I got the news that my poppa had a heart attack so I am off to stay with my mom for a while and see how bad it was, but yes, I am back! :))

Rachelle said...

Dear Silfiriel,
Pozdrav my friend! I am SO happy to see you here, I have missed you :))

I am glad you enjoyed the photos, I have literally dozens of them I have taken in the months I have been working there, and in fact we are making a calendar for 2009 we will be selling in the nursery with all of my pictures in it, can you believe it?
Hope to see you here again soon!

i beati said...

I too find great solace in the blooms- are you all fire free?? sandy

Rachelle said...

Dear Sandy,
Hi sweetie!
I am not jinxing myself here regarding fires, but so far so good!How are you?

Helena said...

Rachelle, these are so beautiful. I love the lemon sunflower. I had salvia this year and it was bright blue!

Will you email me, cos I need to send you details about the Secret Santa Xmas card exchange- I need to tell you who you are crafting for, and also I need your address. But! If you can't take part after all that's cool too- just say so, so that I know to make something for your would-be recipient!

I am up late catching up on blogs. I miss my old blogger buddies but can't seem to visit much these days.

I am so low at the moment. Just this last week! Real nose dive. WOW. You forget how it is down here, you really do. Ha!

Shrinky said...

Hello Sweetie, so lovely to see you back again. What horrible news about your dad love, I so hope he is faring better? I'm sending out lots of positive thoughts - and a big bear hug filled full of energy just for you.

My favourite flower is the orange tiger lilly, don't know why, but it always has been. Love the way you describe working at the nursery, it's written with such enthusiasm and love, your contentment there shines through, it sounds the perfect job for you, I am so glad you are enjoying it so much. x

Rachelle said...

Dear Helena,
I am so sorry, I so TOTALLY know what that's like! Sucks the big one huh?

I hope you have found your way back into the light and are recovering. It is slow but worth it I think, although when we are down there without our flashlights, it seems like it's where we belong.

Hugs for you, and I'll try to keep in touch, know that I'm thinking about you and kiss Bob for me okay?

Rachelle said...

Dear Shrinky,
Well, not so much I'm afraid.
Poppa is now in a nursing home with full time hospice care as he is terminal. He is also in the third stage of Alzheimer's and my mother has just fallen apart through this ordeal. I am actually much more worried about my mom than my poppa right now.
I was out there for a week, and am home for a couple of days, then I will be back out there for a few days and I don't see a change in this routine for a looong time.

We are selling our herd of alpacas, I will be keeping a few and I'll post about this soon I promise.
Love to you my friend!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Mummy's emayle is


Anonymous said...