Monday, March 24, 2008

Picture of the day

Peach blossoms
Not blooming yet, but did I get pictures of my apricot blossoms that bloomed earlier this month? Nope.


silfiriel said...

Hi Rachelle
It's nice to see you are back. You are something like a blogger-bear, you're gone through the winter , but spring comes and you awake
It's a great comeback too. The photo is beautiful, and might I add, it's high resolution which means it's my wallpaper for about a week (no background has lasted longer on my screen, I change wallpapers by the hour, literally. I have a program that changes them , but I'll turn it off for a while).

Sandy Kessler said...

your pictures giving me so much rebirth and joy

Shrinky said...

Oh isn't it wonderful to put Winter behind us? I look out my window and see the leaves about to bud on the trees, soon the view will change - I can see the mountain at present, come Summer the trees will obscure it until the end of autumn.

I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you bonny lass. (x)

quilly said...

Great photo. I love taking pictures of flowers.

I am glad all is well with your son. Did you go back to the optometrist and give her a piece of your mind (and maybe a couple of knuckles)?

Rachelle said...

Pozdrav Slave my friend!
How are things in your country? I have missed everyone, and yes, although I love winter I guess I do suffer a bit from the doldrums during it. :))
So, like a bear- here I am with the flowers!
I am going to try and make most of my pics higher res, it just takes FOREVER to download them from my slow dial up, but- just for you!

Rachelle said...

Hi Sandy, well thank you my dear, that was very kind of you to say.
I love your site too- so uplifting!

Rachelle said...

Hay girl! I missed you too, boy oh boy did I!
Glad to be back, and SO glad you are too :))

Rachelle said...

Quilldancer! Wow, long time no see!
Glad to see you again, and so.... spill the beans about where you are living now? Are you really living in Hawaii? I am so envious, I visited Oahu and Kauai and absolutely loved it, that was back in my skinny beautiful days :)) AKA 1988.

Mary said...

OOOOOOO pretty!!
I live in Florida so I can't grow those kind of trees. I would love to have a cherry blossom tree in my yard.

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