Sunday, December 31, 2006



Good story ...

The new template is great, keep posting those pictures. An alpaca picture lowers the blood pressure.

cozmic said...

I love the new template Rachelle, it makes it so much easier to read, and the pictures stand out so. Does this mean that you have migrated to the Beta blog?? I love the Little Boy, maybe his name ought to be LB. I agree he doesn't look a bit like a Gandalf. We had a big black cat once, he went by the name BBC (big black cat)how sad is that? Well good luck with the name thing, he looks really sweet, as does the little black one. Happy New Year, cozmic.

Rachelle Black said...

Thanks Bob, I love the new template, hated the dots but felt trapped.... now I'm free!
Will post more pics every time.

Cozmic- we have a BBC- his name is Shadow- AKA: Fat Boy LOL
Yup, I'm officially a beta blogger now. I am trying to figure out how to put links on my site so I can link all my fav folks so everyone can visit you guys!
Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...