Monday, November 12, 2012

I need a new memory chip...

Okay, so it is pretty much a given that as we age, we lose brain cells.
Several things can speed up or increase the number of cells killed on any given day:
drugs and alcohol
head injuries
husbands -- said with tongue firmly planted in cheek--
And children between the ages of zero to about 90...... I am so totally doomed!!

Considering I have had some form of all of the above in my lifetime, it is no surprise that I am cracking up early.

The other day I went outside to check the pacas while waiting for my son to be ready to leave for school. I did this *knowing* I only had a few minutes before we had to leave. Just a quick check I thought.

I went into my girls pen and noticed that there was a bucket left in the pen. Took it to the garage (which is around the other side of the house) and went back out. Then I noticed they needed hay, fed them from the hay truck (which is back on the other side of the house). I played with the new cria, kissed all my girls, looked over the boys and thought about how it was time for me to get my hands on them and do a herd health day again, how time flies..... sigh
Then I thought, while I'm out here I should really rebreed Osita. Went into the house and actually was on the way to get a halter when I found my son standing there with his hands on his hips, tapping his foot and looking for all the world like an old Irish grandmother... "Where have you been?? I'm going to be late for school!"

Right I thought, school.

Then I got in my car and started driving him to school. I was thinking about how I needed to go to Bakersfield and pick up some of those rolls my mother requested for Thanksgiving dinner (that is unless I wanted to make some myself... hmmm) and before I knew it I was on the freeway headed towards Bako and away- like totally the opposite direction- from the school.

By the time we noticed of course, I was committed to the freeway unless I wanted to try and reverse all the way back up the on ramp dodging a line up of semi trucks that would put the 49'ers to shame for about 1/4 mile- no thanks.

So we had to drive the freeway until I got to the bottom of the Grapevine and the next off ramp which was about 2 miles further down, turn around, and drive 8 more miles to the high school.

Needless to say I had to be a little creative in my explanation as to why my son was late to school.

This is above and beyond the whole 'walk into the room and forget why you did' schpeel. Beyond also the 'why do I have my keys in my hand?' and the 'sure I can go to the movies with you today, I don't have anything else to do' (when you have that doctors appointment you have been waiting for three months for at that exact time).

Or, my personal favorite- the 'remind me so I don't forget that I have a conference meeting at 5:00' and your family dutifully reminds you 1/2 an hour before and you still decide that you need to go to the store, take a nap, clean the garage, fill in the blank.......... yup I have so been there done that one.

I'm telling you, my excuses are getting lamer and lamer, because who wants to admit - out loud at least- that they are losing the remaining marbles that are rattling around in their head?? Not I.
Hmmm... I wonder, is there anyone out there who is doing brain transplants? I'll be first in line when the time comes.
That is, if I remember.
er... what was my name again??



Oh, I hope you don't feel this makes you unique, LOL.

The other day I spent a good 10 minutes looking for my keys, which just HAPPENED to be in my other hand.I even set them down at one point to pick up the cell phone with that hand. My mind was sooooo scattered.
You'll get over worrying about it,,,it becomes so routine.

Catmoves said...

Um, uh, Rachelle. Yeah, that's it. Rachelle. Your name.
R A C H E L L E! Hooray. (If that isn't your name, please forgive a doddering old man. Sniff.)
I think we all inherit this problem. From our children. As soon as I recall why, I will explain this some more.
Meanwhile, keep a stiff upper. And don't let the clerks get you.

quilly said...

Huh, I do this stuff, too, but I didn't think I was losing my entire mind, just my ability to tell time.

Helena said...

HAHAHA! Oh boy, that's me! That's ME!

I don't go upstairs and forget why I went up there, I forget that I went up there for something at all, and go and do something else, without even knowing that it IS 'something else'. This means I don't even have enough memory to forget!


Have a cup of tea.


silfiriel said...

From what I see, your brain works just fine.

Rachelle said...

Dear Babs,
Oh, I'm crushed... I thought I was the only one!
Actually it's kind of frightening to think there are many of us out there... imagine the possiblities!!?? *shudder*

Dear Catmoves,
I vaguely recall your name... aren't you that famous movie star?? ;^)
Clerks?? What? Something else for me to fear, praytell, what is the clerk-a-phobia I should not worry about?

Dear Quilly,
HA! It has gone far beyond that my dear, at least for me... but if that's your story, I'll stick to it.

Dear Helena,
Yup, thats' me. I have so many nfinished projects lying around because I get distracted (or forget) and then it's shampoo, rinse, repeat all over again.

Dear Silfiriel,
Finally the voice of reason... wait a minute, who are you and what were we talking about??
Slainte my friends~

frolicnfibers said...

Oh I'm right there with you Rachelle! Except that I'm 50, so I think my brain cell loss is a bit more advanced! Maybe it's the camilid thing that makes us lose it earlier than most...LOL!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Now, I know I came in here for something.. hang on, it'll come to me.

Ah! Yes, now I remember. I battled all the way into town the other week and after spending an hour to find a parking space, realised I had forgotten to take any cash with me. Sigh.

i beati said...

I'm right there with you and getting worse..sandy

Rachelle said...

Dear Frolicin,
Hmmm.... we are in the same boat? Then why aren't you bailing out???
:)) ha-ha

we should do lunch sometime. Perhaps we should bring along a youngster to make sure we bring our wallets! :))

Oy, it is sometimes so frustrating, no? Ah.... to be 25 again- wait, 30, wait... oh heck...forget about it.

Anonymous said...